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Pregnancy is a natural condition and should be no more difficult than any other phase of life. There is no need to believe that backaches, headaches, leg pains, morning sickness, etc. are normal inconveniences you must bear during your pregnancy. Many pregnant women receive regular chiropractic adjustments, lower back traction, etc. throughout their entire pregnancy to alleviate most if not all the discomforts mentioned above without drugs that can have a harmful effect on the fetus.

Obstetrics is a required course of study for all chiropractors in the U.S. and even though we do not deliver babies in most states, mothers turn to chiropractic care for their prenatal care. As a chiropractor, we are specialists trained in the biomechanical and physical aspects of what may be causing unnecessary pain and or discomfort during your pregnancy. Correcting the spinal stress and postural distortions irritating spinal nerves cannot be overemphasized. Removing the spinal irritation will allow for more restful sleep and less hip, leg and lower back pain. Some mothers comment that because of regular chiropractic care during their pregnancy the delivery was easier.

Specific chiropractic treatments could be gentle flexion-distraction on specially designed tables (e.g., Cox Tables) that allow pregnant women to lie face down, pregnancy massage, applied Kinesiology, and/or gentle mobilization to remove spinal pressure on the lower back and hips, activator technique and or applied trigger point therapy. The treatment best for you will be decided by Dr. Karr after he examines you, at which time he may discuss with your OB/GYN various plans that would be best for you. We offer Pregnancy Chiropractic care.

The safety of chiropractic can be addressed in some of the following websites listed. Chiropractic is safer than medications and or drugs in dealing with pain as a general rule.

by Dr. Michael Karr, D.C.

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So much controversy exists surrounding vaccinations. For example, our pediatrician only recommended 3 vaccines total for our children. After much research and discussion with other health care professionals, my wife and I made the personal decision NOT to vaccinate. I am not promoting one idea or another, nor am I suggesting one pediatrician over the other. I am just presenting you with alternative options over the direction of your children’s health care. You have rights and everything is not automatic. It is important that you understand what direction you are taking your children’s health care and not just go ahead with everything offered. A good place to do research is the homeschooling websites. They are well-organized and offer plenty of material to read through.

Our country has one of the highest infant deaths in the world. The constant rise of autism, learning disabilities, hyperactivity, allergies, and more is reason enough to educate yourself as to where this is coming from.

Because this is a personal decision, you should have a good dialogue with your pediatrician and go over various issues. Find a doctor who you trust and who shares similar views and beliefs.